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Veeeeee by ItIsVee Veeeeee :iconitisvee:ItIsVee 2 0
Sleepless [SSBB Fanfic] [Rewritten]
As drafty and unsightly as it was, Bowser enjoyed that not counting tourneys, the next one a ways off, no one used Frigate Orpheon. Its vacancy brought him here when other Fighters made racket in his reading spots, like tonight. The library to the Fighter's Village, while essentially unsupervised with its primitive service drones, usually stayed quiet and tidy. Save when the Ice Climbers paid a visit. He planned on starting a new and anticipated novel until he heard their squeals. They disallowed check outs in the Melee era for the mounting number of missing or destroyed books. His other spot, his own house, vibrated from the neighboring Pikmins' band practice. They had interesting tastes?
Feeling unlucky, Bowser bounded to his most reliable backup spot. Limited to a stack of books he'd read at least twice, he sat on the edge of the stationary upper platform, the one in his lap he'd read three times before but still enjoyed rereading. The Koopa faced the docile Parasite Queen, who clun
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Today in Perim [Chaotic Fanfic]: Ch. 2
Still in UnderWorld City, the humans walk down a more lively street. Scanner in grasp, a leading Logan converses with a male voice.
"Wait, you said left?" Logan inquires while halting. He turns to Kalman as the voice answers. "Alright. We made a wrong turn. Like, five streets ago."

On another street, the camera zooms in on a building with a wooden sign hanging above the door.
"Looks like the right sign?" A wincing Logan says as it focuses on him.
Upon approaching the door, Logan grabs the crude door's knob. Muffled voices emanate from inside. "Ready?"
At that moment, the door swings open. A muscular, gray skinned UnderWorlder with three eyes exits. Logan stumbles back.

The humans now stand inside. The building's interior is lit by fireplace and candlelight, and furnished with rectangular wooden tables and benches packed with feasting UnderWorlders. Some glance in their direction.
With his microphone, Logan faces the camera.
"So, we've heard the Perim Battle Royale's gon
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Dangers of Diplomacy: Vee Remix - II
"Thank you, again," Raznus weakly complimented as Kalman drove the group through a rockier section of the outback. Behind him, Denny wiped his dusty glasses with a cloth. "I haven't learned your names yet?"
"I'm Denny, that's Kalman," Denny introduced both while returning to his book. He searched for his bookmark. "Does this happen sometimes?"
"Hardly," Raznus answered, clutching his head with a sigh. "I seldom leave Mount Pillar... Argh, I don't understand."
Denny found no bookmark. "Don't understand what?"
"My depleted strength, these pains," Raznus explained, eyes shut.
"Age, maybe?" Denny objectively suggested.
"I'll admit, my kind hasn't the longest life span. But I'm not there yet. At least, I wasn't last evening," Raznus said. Ahead, he found two forking slopes. He recognized the descending one. "Take the lower one."

"You sure Raznus is headed there, Krekk?" a skeptical Illazar asked his partner. Several feet off the ground, they made their way towards a certai
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Dangers of Diplomacy: Vee Remix [AU] - I
A different pair of boys help Raznus.
~ vVv ~


In the sunny OverWorld outback, a pair of humans sat atop a stone with enough space for two. Awaiting the OverWorld's ambassador to the Danians via a mutual friend's request, it felt like hours had passed—or Perim's equivalent of such.
Kalman, a slim, tanned and reddish brown haired teenager a little over five-five, rested on one end. Garbed in a black tee, blue jeans and white and brown shoes, his thick brows sagged as he felt the boredom putting the Insomniac to slumber.
Denny, a Korean descended boy, sat beside him. Though nearly Kalman's age, he barely stood above four-five, with light olive skin, medium black hair, and dark brown eyes beneath modernistic eyeglasses on a nonchalant face both boys shared. He wore a red and black flannel with rolled sleeves, the highest buttons undone and revealing his white undershirt, and below that jeans and black and white shoes
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Today in Perim [Chaotic Fanfic]: Ch. 1
[Formerly Perim News Network]
Two humans create a Perim centric news channel.

A filming camera captures a dark street in UnderWorld City. Silhouettes of taller structures stretch past a blanket of green smog over the capital.
Standing before the camera in the empty street is a glasses wearing teenage human male with a microphone. He stands six feet tall with light olive skin, short brown hair, piercing gray eyes and a short, stubbly goatee. His sweatshirt is tied around his waist, revealing a black tee with an offensive message. Eyes elsewhere, he wipes a layer of sweat from his forehead.
"Damn, it's hot," he complains.
After a scene cut, the human faces the camera, microphone to his lips. "So, about not uploading for a while. We, uh, just... have no interest in our main projects right now." He shrugs his shoulders. "So, uh, we were talking about new ideas, when Kalman, who's holding the camera, said there isn't a Perim news channel." He perks up with a smile.
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The Moonchild [Chaotic/Total Drama X-Over]
While care-taking in the Forest of Life, Drabe meets an eccentric human.


Noon neared in the Forest of Life as Drabe circled a patch of recovering forest. The young trees already stood taller than him, and the vegetation around the ground had long since sprouted. Seeing the destruction that glum day left him aggrieved, but the once charred and bare spot flourishing again made a smile bloom across his furry face.
"What's that? The Caretaker is close by?" Drabe heard a soft female voice ask. It seemingly emanated from just within the older forest, and he didn't recognize it. He also sensed something strange, but not malevolent.
The curious caprine paused and turned in its direction. A thicket of tall grass nearby rustled as someone waded through. From it emerged a petite human girl whose teal eyes scanned her surroundings. Her skin seemed pale compared to many humans, and her light, wavy blonde hair reached past her wa
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Test Drive [Chaotic Fanfic]
Ghatup and Siado test a new vehicle.

“So, this is what humans drive?” Siado asked Ghatup, opening the empty glove box from his passenger seat.
“Apparently,” Ghatup answered, navigating the makeshift test course from the driver's seat. In the wake of the flop that was the Perithon, a Mipedian engineer met a Chaotic player. The human whom Ghatup actually knew mentioned details of their vehicles, to the engineer's fascination. He requested more, ultimately conceiving the ride they voluntarily tested from boredom.
Siado fiddled with the rear view mirror, Ghatup catching it.
“Hey, take it easy with that,” the linky Mipedian warned him, eyes remaining fixated.
“Relax Ghatup, it can't be that flimsy,” Siado answered, letting the mirror go anyway and getting comfortable.
“Yeah, well lately you've had trouble not breaking something every other day,” Ghatup added. Siado nearly objected before realizing he spoke the tr
:iconitisvee:ItIsVee 2 3
The Frozen Ones [Chaotic Headcanon]
In the days of Kiru Village, its eponymous leader learned of a rebellious group brewing beneath his nose. Intolerant of this, Kiru exiled these creatures. They ambled the OverWorld together as their own nomadic but headless tribe.
Survival proved a struggle at times, namely the sparsity of sustenance. In time, much of the tribe desired a leader. Hinya-Iha, a mugician possessing both strength, authority, and intellect, rose among them. With a motivating voice, she lead her people through hardship after hardship. Her leadership attracted independent creatures, many joining the tribe in veneration of her.
Legends surrounding the highest peaks of Glacier Plains reached Hinya's ear, describing countless mugical secrets and powerful artifacts beneath its glacial ice. Ecstatic, the tribe journeyed to the Plains. Reaching their destination, Hinya braved climbing the tallest glacier.
Hinya and the remaining tribesmen eventually reached reached the top. While finding no treasures, all found the
:iconitisvee:ItIsVee 3 0
Change [Legend of Spyro Fanfic]: Ch. 1
The wanderer ascended the wall of giant blue crystals. Her worn brown parka shielded her from the piercing winds. These formations made a maze of Concurrent Skies, challenging those who dared exploring the shunned wastes. Constant lightning storms presented a risk of electrocution, and the creatures inhabiting this location attacked outsiders.
She sought shelter, reluctant of sleeping beneath a toppled crystal again—not with those overgrown leeches slithering about. Hoisting herself atop the pricked top, she gained a vaster vision of Concurrent. Retaining her balance, she searched for any structures. So far, nothing but crystal for miles. The parasites' shrieks echoed below.
A towering, distant silhouette came into focus. To her, it resembled a castle. A castle equaled potential shelter. She felt relieved, and disquieted, imagining a wicked warlord residing there, commanding an army of whatever abominations this wasteland spewed.
Nevertheless, she climbed down and trekked towards
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Frozen [Chaotic Fanfic] [UPDATED]
So, a little about myself. I devote much of my Chaotic time to exploring and researching Perim. Mostly history, Mugic, and mythology, but sometimes climate and culture As of the time of writing, I've been doing this for about six years now. I've pretty much lost interest in the game itself, although I occasionally play the card game with real life friends.
I frequent the Chaotic boards for discussion and roleplaying. I'll skim the front page article, usually finding outplays from high ranked matches and sometimes Perim related. Normally positive things, but dark topics like the M'arillian invasion during the war appear. You might know where I'm headed with this.
Awakening one morning, I brought my laptop into the living room. Starting up and checking the website, a photo of a ravaged campsite in an icy cavern greeted me. The article's title read 'Players Make Shocking Discovery Atop Glacier Plains, Codemasters Involved'. This was eye-opening. If you've been to Chaotic long enough, you'
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Mature content
The Wedding [SCP Fanfic] :iconitisvee:ItIsVee 0 0
Here in Kiru [Chaotic Fanfic]: Ch. 7
It's been a while since my last trip to Perim. My room ate my scanner. By ate, I mean I lost it in that trash heap. I would have straightened up had it not been for exams being held that month. And god, they just left me drained. I don't think I'd ever been so depleted from school work like that before. I'd just wanna pass out afterward.
Well exams ended last week. I got more relaxation time outside the weekend thanks to a blizzard. School got shut down Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday I finally cleaned up my room, and found the scanner. I'd left it in a jacket pocket and tossed it in my dirty clothes pile. Good thing I always procrastinate on taking down laundry. Not only would I possibly be screwed, but I'd have to cough up another hundred and a half bucks for a new one.
So now I'm back. My friends are glad to hear and I actually had a few matches to do—challenge matches for scans of mine. I've struck gold in the past. I only lost one of them, did much better than expected after
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Soldiers of Perim [Chaotic Fanfic]: Ghatup
The human boy avoided looking down as he braved the canyon wall. Climbing wasn't his strong suit, though he needed to reach the upper levels. Word of a convoy shipping rare battle gear across Mipedian territory caught his ears—he normally didn't care, but the rumored gear aboard was an exception. His scan quest hadn't gone as arduous as predicted, this being the most challenging obstacle yet.
Slowly he ascended, prepared to reach for his scanner should he slip. The wall gave plenty of jutting points to grasp, though several were tiny, even for his hands. He'd remained in place for a good minute to calm down.
"I'm never climbin' again," he reminded himself out loud. At that moment, his backwards red cap slid off his head. He reached out for it, but missed, "No, no, no!"
Hearing his hat eventually touch the ground—still refusing to look down—he sighed. He didn't stress over it though, being just a cap. He hadn't even truly lost it, being his Chaotic self. Still, his
:iconitisvee:ItIsVee 1 0
Soldiers of Perim [Chaotic Fanfic]: Proboscar
When the mysterious Blight manifested and began reducing Prexxor Chasm to wastes, many of its inhabitants fled, seeking refuge elsewhere in the OverWorld. Even after being defeated, its death hasn't helped reversed the damage. In the time since then, many of Prexxor's former residents have vanished, be it from the Blight, failing in adapting to foreign environments, or being hunted. Poachers and similar hunters have sought after most of these beasts, intent on claiming them for whatever reason. Fortunately for them, the Prexxorian well has yet to run dry, and the OverWorld's leaders have more important affairs to worry about.
Proboscar, one of the most massive monstrosities to escape Prexxor, has become something of a legend among these hunters. Currently of no abode, he's been tracked down and hunted, but none have succeeded in bringing the mastodon down—a small death toll for those who tried and paid with their lives grows. Proboscar has become able to recognize these hunters,
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